The archive contains minutes from community association meetings and historical information about development applications.

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Development Applications

Archived development applications are shown below.

141 Main Street
141 Main Street - Following pre-consultation meetings with the OECA planning committee and the consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land, Domicile presented their proposed development at the OECA meeting held on October 8, 2013. The proposal is to develop a six storey building along Main Street and Oblate Avenue that transitions to a four storey building along Springhurst Avenue. A total of 140 residential units is proposed with ground floor commercial uses along Main Street. For details regarding the Site Plan Approval application #D07-12-13-0218 please click here. Although generally in support of the application, the OECA objections are related to the lack of coordination with the city for road widening as required by the Official Plan and implementation of the Complete Street on Main Street: failure to provide mid-block connectivity from Springhurst to Oblate Avenues at the east end of the property, and the lack of onsite visitor parking. A parking study dated January 17, 2014, has been presented. The application is on hold, as of January 27, 2014. The OECA planning committee has been invited to meet with Domicile on February 10, 2014 (Please note: a request for minor variances has also been requested. Please see below under Committee of Adjustment applications). UPDATE: The Ottawa Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) recommendations are being considered by the Applicant.

140 Springhurst Avenue
140 Springhurst Avenue Application #:D07-12-14-0048. The proposed development is an eight unit, 3.5 storey (11m) residential condo building, comprising of stacked dwelling units. Comments to the city planner are requested by April 25, 2014. The "On Time Decision Date," ie - the target date upon which a decision on the application will be rendered by the Planning and Growth Management Department, via delegated authority, is June 1, 2014. UPDATE: OOECA comments were submitted to the city planner on April 25, 2014.

129 Main Street
129 Main Street Application #D07-12-10-0196. The original (July 2010) application for a six storey, two levels of underground parking, apartment building has been amended. The development is now proposed to be3 a four storey mixed-use building, with at-grade commercial, three storeys of one and two bedroom residential units (total 50 units) above and one level of underground parking. Under delegated authority, the draft staff report dated March 25, 2014, was sent to the ward councillor and applicant for response. UPDATE: As of April 10, 2014, the site plan control application is approved.

73-75 Harvey Street
A proposal to build a new residential building containing 12 units. Reference Development Application # D07-12-12-0139. The OECA has indicated objection to the proposed 6.7 m driveway width indicating a 3.5 m width is sufficient. The public realm would be enhanced with more front yard landscaping, narrower drop curb width, additional space for on street parking and less obtrusive garage door size. Decision: Site Plan Control application approved July 30, 2013 (read decision and supporting information)

160 Lees Avenue
The City of Ottawa initiated a Zoning By-law Amendment application for the property located at 160 Lees Avenue in December 2012. This is a city-owned piece of property that is zoned R4M (mixed use centre) and a section along the Rideau River is zoned as major open space. View the zoning from the secondary plan. This application was eventually withdrawn after community consultation.

  • The original proposal by the city included 362 parking spaces and a staging area at 160 Lees Avenue. At the December 19, 2012 meeting, an alternate proposal was presented that removed the staging area. See the current site plan (dated January 7, 2013).
  • See a map of the proposed parking lot, and additional correspondence from city staff.
  • View the minutes and city presentation from the December 19, 2012, meeting at Old Town Hall with residents and city staff
  • View an additional Q&A document between the OECA and city staff prior to the public meeting
  • View a report and map created by the OECA of alternate locations for the parking lot
  • The city has provided a map and legend outlining what alternate sites were considered for providing the university with parking during the LRT construction.

200 Lees Avenue

  • Site location and description of site and surroundings: The property is located on the south side of Lees Avenue and Highway 417 and is municipally known as 200 Lees Avenue. The subject property currently contains a parking lot and an institutional building. The surrounding lands also contain institutional buildings as part of the University of Ottawa campus. Highway 417 is directly north of the subject lands. The Lees Transitway Station is located west of the subject property.
  • Purpose of site plan control proposal and details: The University of Ottawa seeks to construct an open air stadium in previous parking lot with related bleachers (on the south side), lighting and grade beam for proposed dome during the winter months. Re-align fire route and demolishing part of existing building.
  • To view the site plan and supporting documentation (such as environmental site assessment, landscape plan, etc.), please visit the city's Development Application Search. File number is D07-12-11-0226.
  • A public open house was held on January 17, 2012. The OECA expressed concern that the proposal will make it difficult for the creation of a multi-use pathway (MUP) along the Rideau River as is called for by the City Council approved community design plan for Old Ottawa East.
  • Read the OECA's written comments to the city following the open house.
  • A revised plan provided to OECA members on March 8, 2012, now shows a clear provision for a riverside pathway along the northeastern portion of the property. View the revised document here.
  • The pedestrian and cycling pathway running through the 200 Lees campus has been closed due to construction. Pedestrians and cyclists can use detours over the Lees Avenue bridge into Sandy Hill or across the Transitway bridge. The informal pathway along the river behind the university buildings will also be closed while the stadium/field are constructed. The planned closures will last until fall 2012.
    Click here to view a map.

Committee of Adjustment

Archived committee of adjustment files are shown below.

  • 178 Main Street. Request for minor variances to construct a three storey duplex dwelling is scheduled to be heard on February 5, 2014. On January 29, 2014, the OECA planning committee met with the applicant to discuss options more in keeping with the vision of a Tranditional Mainstreet redevelopment. UPDATE: The applicant subsequently requested the application be adjourned in order to explore possible options for intensifying and utilizing the lot to its potential, perhaps in combination with adjacent lot(s).
  • 141 Main Street. The January 15, 2014, hearing was adjourned, as per the city planner's comments, in order for the applicant to consider re-allocating some of the parking spaces and until after the site plan control file is complete and the summary of comments are provided (see above site plan application). UPDATE: At Committee of Adjustment hearing on April 16, 2014, Domicile's application/Committee of Adjustment file #D08-02-13/A-00395 was adjourned "sine die" - meaning a new application and new notices will be required.
  • 113 & 115 Echo Drive, 169 Greenfield Avenue. Request for consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to be heard on March 5, 2014. 113 & 115 Echo Drive will be the subject of future redevelopment. The 169 Greenfield Avenue parcel will contain the existing detached dwelling. UPDATE: Apparently the property was previously subdivided and a consent application is not required.
  • 170 McGillivray Street. Request for consent to subdivide the property and Zoning By-law relief for minor variances required for new three storey semi-detached dwelling units (see floor plans). The OOECA has advised the applicant that the project cannot be supported as presented. The most unacceptable item is the extent of the rooftop terrace.
  • 99 Concord Street North. Request for consent to subdivide the property and several minor variances to develop a 3-storey back-to-front semi-detached dwelling north of the existing single family dwelling. The OOECA received a copy of the November 5, 2013 application particulars on November 18, 2013, however the Development Application # has not been assigned as of December 4, 2013. The hearing can be expected to be on January 15th, 2014. A public meeting was held at the Old Town Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on December 11, 2013, and was delivered to some neighbours on December 4, 2013. UPDATE: Given the neighbours' general support for the proposal, the OECA made no comments to the Committee of Adjustment. Read the city planner's comments. Decision: Applications granted (read the minor variance decision and consent decision).
  • 15 Oblate Avenue & 133 to 141 Main. Request for consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land. Decision: provisional consent granted (read decision).
  • 87-89 Clegg. Request for the severance of a property to turn a semi-detached dwelling into two separately owned attached dwellings: 87 & 89 Clegg Street. OECA has no objections to the request. Decision: applications granted as amended (read MV decision) (read Consent decision).
  • 35 Chestnut. Request for demolition of an existing house and construction of a triplex. The OECA objects to this proposal for the following reasons: it is out of character for the neighbourhood because it is too big for the lot; because the ground floor is significantly higher than the average of its neighbours; because the proposed front access projects into the front yard setback. Decision: application granted (read decision)
  • 151 Concord Street South and 110 Evelyn Avenue. OECA and neighbours met with the applicant on December 15, 2012. The applicant provided three options, of which Option C was favoured. The applicant has lowered the elevation of the ground floor, as requested. The OECA is pleased with the applicants efforts in consulting with the neighbours and has no objections to the revised application. Decision: application granted (read decision)
  • 48 Bower. Hearing scheduled for April17, 2013. OECA has no objection to the application and has heard no objections from surrounding residents. Decision: application granted as amended (read decision)
  • 119 Hawthorne Avenue. Hearing scheduled for October 17, 2012. Read the City Planner's comments. The OECA objects to the application. OECA does not support further intensification on this sub-standard site. Intensification is not sought for the interior of residential neighbourhoods under current City policies. The proposal does not attempt to show compatibility with its neighbours under the terms average distance from the building face to the property line as per the new infill bylaw. The applicant withdrew their application prior to the October 17 hearing.
  • 21 Bower Street. OECA has no objection to the application. Committee of Adjustment hearing December 5th, 2012. Decision: Application granted (read decision)
  • 44-46 Concord Avenue. OECA supports the application. Committee of Adjustment meeting on December 5th, 2012. Decision: Application granted as amended (read decision)
  • 135 Springhurst Avenue. Decision: Application granted as amended. Read the minor variance decision and consent decision
  • 151 Concord Street and 110 Evelyn Avenue. Adjourned July 18, 2012; Adjourned August 15, 2012; Meeting with applicant and neighbours September 12, 2012; Adjourned indefinitely at September 19, 2012 hearing. OECA position: The OECA has gone on record opposing the severance and variances.
  • 225 McGillivray. Decision: Application granted as amended (read decision)
  • 164 Main Street. Decision: Application granted as amended (read decision)
  • 11 Chestnut Street. Read OECA's position. Decision: Application granted as amended (read decision)