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Elgin Street and Hawthorne Avenue Functional Design Study

The City of Ottawa "is undertaking the functional design and transportation study for the continuous corridor of Elgin Street between Laurier Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Driveway, and Hawthorne Avenue from the Pretoria Bridge to Main Street." For more details about the study, please visit the City of Ottawa website.

Secondary Dwelling units in Accessory Structures Zoning Study

The City of Ottawa "is undertaking a zoning study that will determine the appropriate zones and standards to permit secondary dwelling units within accessory structures, in residential neighbourhoods. These types of dwelling units are essentially a small apartment or suite in the backyard of a home or along a laneway" (often referred to as "coach houses"). For more details about the study, please visit the City of Ottawa website.

Community Design Plan (CDP)

The approval of the CDP is the culmination of a long, long process. This could not have been achieved without the support and diligence of many community members, especially those who served on the Public Advisory Committee (PAC), and the institutional landowners.

The CDP is meant to provide a broad and integrated twenty year vision and guidance for growth in the community. Although focused on Main Street, a key component of the CDP is the potential sale and intensification of the lands currently owned by the Oblate Fathers and the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. In particular, the properties owned by the Oblate Fathers have considerable redevelopment potential and will likely be sold for redevelopment over the next decade. The OECA remains committed to working closely with key stakeholders to ensure that community consultation is represented throughout the redevelopment process. In 2010, members of the CDP Public Advisory Committee (PAC) began actively meeting with stakeholders to prepare principles to guide planning and design of the lands. That culminated in the March 10, 2011, public open house held at Saint Paul University where a demonstration plan, illustrating one possible development scenario for the lands, was presented to the community. For more details, view the open house presentation.

The CDP was presented at the city's planning committee meeting on June 28, 2011. To view the official minutes from the meeting, please click here. The CDP was given final approval, with amendments, at the city council meeting on August 25, 2011. To view the final report as approved at council please click here (listed as “Planning Committee Report 12A”).

To view the CDP approved by council, please click here.
To view the Secondary Plan approved by council, please click here.
To view the Zoning By-law Amendments and zoning map enacted by council, please click here.
To hear the June 28, 2011, planning committee meeting webcast, click the link here and listen from the 30 minute mark to the 1 hour and 30 minute mark.

Development Applications

Development refers to change of land use or the construction or addition to a building(s) or the creation of a parcel of land.

Applications for site plan control approval, minor variance(s)/consent, and zoning by-law amendment are mailed to the OECA and are reviewed by the OECA's planning committee. Some applications are also mailed to neighbours within a 60 metre radius of the subject property. OECA members are encouraged to participate in the development review process.

Related City of Ottawa links:

  • Information about planning Learn more here about land-use and development processes.
  • Planning Primer Program helps residents become more aware of, and more involved in, the land-use planning process.
  • The Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide its physical development to the year 2021.
  • Zoning By-law 2008-250 implements Official Plan policies for land use and development.
  • Zoning by-law Amendment 2012-147 - May 2012 - provides regulations for the control of low-rise residential infill development in mature neighbourhoods. Please note: These infill regulations were appealed to the OMB. You can view the March 8, 2013, OMB decision here. The OMB decision rules in favour of most of the regulations, including front yard setback averaging; front yard projections averaging; and the direction and location of parking, balconies, driveways, walkways and landscaping. The decision, however, requires the city to reconsider certain regulations, including the parts applying to new construction only and not renovations; narrow lots not having garages doors facing frontwards; the width of a garage door or carport not exceeding 50% of the front façade; garage or carport being set back further than the main façade; and the amount of glazing in the ground floor front wall. Update Aug. 2013: Wherein the OMB decision allowed the City five months to redraft the regulations for further OMB deliberation, this timeline was been extended until December 31, 2013. Update Nov. 2013: The December 31st timeline has been extended until March 31, 2014.
  • Low-Rise Infill housing Study – Phase 2 is a council directed follow up to the May 2012 Zoning By-Law Amendment 2012-147. In October 2013, city staff held information sessions introducing further proposed zoning changes.
  • How to find your zone will lead you through the process for determining the zoning of a property. The “geoOttawa” web-based software has numerous layers of information, including historical air photos from 1958 to 2011. Click on “I want to...” to find more options.
  • Urban Design Guidelines for Low-rise Infill Housing - May 2012 is intended as a basic framework for the physical layout, massing, functioning and relationships of infill buildings to their neighbour.
  • About the Committee of Adjustment Please note: Applications for minor variance(s)/consent are not available on the city's website.
  • Development Application Search This tool allows you to search development applications subject to public consultation, such as Site Plan Control, Zoning By-law Amendment, Official Plan Amendment, etc.

Related resources:

Development Applications in Old Ottawa East

Active development applications in Old Ottawa East are listed by their municipal address below. To reach the OECA's planning committee, please email planning (at) ottawaeast (dot) ca.

Site Plan applications

  • 141 Main Street - Following pre-consultation meetings with the OECA planning committee and the consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land, Domicile presented their proposed development at the OECA meeting held on October 8, 2013. The proposal is to develop a six storey building along Main Street and Oblate Avenue that transitions to a four storey building along Springhurst Avenue. A total of 140 residential units is proposed with ground floor commercial uses along Main Street. For details regarding the Site Plan Approval application #D07-12-13-0218 please click here. Although generally in support of the application, the OECA objections are related to the lack of coordination with the city for road widening as required by the Official Plan and implementation of the Complete Street on Main Street: failure to provide mid-block connectivity from Springhurst to Oblate Avenues at the east end of the property, and the lack of onsite visitor parking. A parking study dated January 17, 2014, has been presented. The application is on hold, as of January 27, 2014. The OECA planning committee has been invited to meet with Domicile on February 10, 2014 (Please note: a request for minor variances has also been requested. Please see below under Committee of Adjustment applications). UPDATE: The Ottawa Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) recommendations are being considered by the Applicant.
  • 140 Springhurst Avenue Application #:D07-12-14-0048. The proposed development is an eight unit, 3.5 storey (11m) residential condo building, comprising of stacked dwelling units. Comments to the city planner are requested by April 25, 2014. The "On Time Decision Date," ie - the target date upon which a decision on the application will be rendered by the Planning and Growth Management Department, via delegated authority, is June 1, 2014. UPDATE: OOECA comments were submitted to the city planner on April 25, 2014.
  • 129 Main Street Application #D07-12-10-0196. The original (July 2010) application for a six storey, two levels of underground parking, apartment building has been amended. The development is now proposed to be3 a four storey mixed-use building, with at-grade commercial, three storeys of one and two bedroom residential units (total 50 units) above and one level of underground parking. Under delegated authority, the draft staff report dated March 25, 2014, was sent to the ward councillor and applicant for response. UPDATE: As of April 10, 2014, the site plan control application is approved.

Committee of Adjustment applications

  • 178 Main Street. Request for minor variances to construct a three storey duplex dwelling is scheduled to be heard on February 5, 2014. On January 29, 2014, the OECA planning committee met with the applicant to discuss options more in keeping with the vision of a Tranditional Mainstreet redevelopment. UPDATE: The applicant subsequently requested the application be adjourned in order to explore possible options for intensifying and utilizing the lot to its potential, perhaps in combination with adjacent lot(s).
  • 141 Main Street. The January 15, 2014, hearing was adjourned, as per the city planner's comments, in order for the applicant to consider re-allocating some of the parking spaces and until after the site plan control file is complete and the summary of comments are provided (see above site plan application). UPDATE: At Committee of Adjustment hearing on April 16, 2014, Domicile's application/Committee of Adjustment file #D08-02-13/A-00395 was adjourned "sine die" - meaning a new application and new notices will be required.
  • 113 & 115 Echo Drive, 169 Greenfield Avenue. Request for consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to be heard on March 5, 2014. 113 & 115 Echo Drive will be the subject of future redevelopment. The 169 Greenfield Avenue parcel will contain the existing detached dwelling. UPDATE: Apparently the property was previously subdivided and a consent application is not required.
  • 170 McGillivray Street. Request for consent to subdivide the property and Zoning By-law relief for minor variances required for new three storey semi-detached dwelling units (see floor plans). The OOECA has advised the applicant that the project cannot be supported as presented. The most unacceptable item is the extent of the rooftop terrace.

Zoning By-law Amendment applications

  • Draft Revisions to Infill By-law 2012-147 – Response to Ontario Municipal Board Interim Order on Appeal – This staff report details the revisions that are recommended to the Infill By-law 2012-147, as amended, that was appealed following Council adoption in May 2012. The revisions will be considered by the City of Ottawa Planning Committee on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. UPDATE: Read the planning committee's recommendation to council and direction to staff here (agenda item 8). Following further technical review with the appellants, the revisions will be presented to city council on May 14, 2014.
  • 99 Greenfield Avenue. A proposal to amend the performance standards related to the current zoning, for the purpose of constructing a 4-storey 8-unit apartment building. Reference Development Application #D02-02-13-0070. The OOECA has objected to the proposal. This application is scheduled to be considered by the city’s Planning Committee on January 28, 2014. UPDATE: Planning staff report recommended approval of the proposal to amend the current zoning performance standards. The OECA objection, the immediate neighbours and other community members objections were insufficient to sway the planning committee. The motion to approve the amendment was carried with one councillor dissenting. UPDATE: On February 12, 2014, council voted 16 to 8 to approve the rezoning of the property (read the decision here: Agenda 69 item 4). The Notice of Passing of a By-law No. 2014-56 indicates a notice of OMB appeal must be received no later than March 18, 2014. UPDATE: Appeals have been received.
  • Residential Conversions. A city wide proposal following the Zoning Study on Residential Conversions - Zoning By-law Section 122 etc. View background information and details here. Comments to the city planner are requested by January 10th, 2014. The application is targeted to be considered by the city’s Planning Committee on March 25, 2014. UPDATE: Read the City Staff Report to Planning Committee and the recommended Zoning By-law Amendment. UPDATE: Read planning committee's recommendation to council and direction to staff here (agenda item 9). Following meetings with all other councillors, and anyone else who would like to speak about the conversion bylaw recommendations, staff is to provide a memo to council on these consultations and the other consulations undertaken during this project before the matter rises to council on April 23, 2014.

Archived development applications can be found on the Archive page.