Main Farmers’ Market Art Show – September 8

On September 8, in conjunction with Saint Paul University, the Main Farmers’ Market will host an art show where local artisans will sell and showcase their craft. Artists are welcome to exhibit. Booths are $35.00 each (first come first serve). The exhibit area will be along Main Street, in front of Saint Paul University. With easy customer access, support from market shoppers, and good visibility from Main Street, this is sure to be a success!

NCC endorses canal footbridge design concept

At its summer meeting, the National Capital Commission (NCC) board unanimously endorsed the City of Ottawa’s design concept for the proposed Fifth-Clegg canal footbridge. Board members were complimentary on both the design and the process, and part of the presentation included new sketches, one of which showed what the bridge would look like from the skateway (seating around the base of the piers and that seating would be underwater when the canal is open).

The design concept presented to the NCC board is essentially the same as what was posted on the City of Ottawa website in April when people were given the opportunity to comment. The final public open house for the proposed bridge is now expected to be at the end of September.

Celebrating our community at the Main Event

Residents of Old Ottawa East celebrated their community at the annual Main Event, held on June 16. Congratulations to the Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East (CAG) for organizing another successful event. The "Political BBQ" is part of the Main Event tradition and is a fundraiser for the Old Ottawa East Community Association (OECA). The BBQ was organized by board members Nick Masciantonio and Jamie Brougham, with support from Jan D'Arcy, Barbara Hicks, and over a dozen community volunteers and board members. Thanks also to the group from Celebration! Church. Approximately $850 was raised from the BBQ to support the OECA. Thank you!

We would also like to thank our elected officials who donned an apron and got behind the grill. They included: Ottawa City Councillor David Chenushenko, MPP Yasir Naqvi, OCDSB trustee Rob Campbell and OCSB trustee Kathy Ablett. Generous contributions were also made by the following: The Wheat Berry, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, Mayor Jim Watson, McKeen Glebe Metro, Loblaws (Isabella St.), Shoppers Drug Mart (Glebe), Shoppers Drug Mart (Sunnyside), and M&M Meats.

Update on proposed mid-town footbridge open house

The City of Ottawa has recently announced that the open house scheduled for June has been postponed until the fall. More details are available here.

Brantwood dock installed

Brantwood Park's new dock is back home at the foot of Clegg Street and will remain until the end of October when the city will remove it before the return of ice and high water.

The idea to bring a dock back to Brantwood Park began five years ago when Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE) proposed the dock as one of the amenities that would enhance the Rideau River Nature Trail and the desire for a defined kayak-canoe launching site was shared over the years by many others.

The dock is similar to those previously installed at Windsor and Brewer parks: an aluminum ramp hinged to a concrete abutment embedded in the shoreline lands on a large floating raft so that the dock can adjust to varying river levels.

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