Q&A about soil remediation work at Old Town Hall

61 Main Street – Soil Remediation Plan

Q1 – Why is this remediation project being conducted?
A – The City of Ottawa has conducted several environmental investigations at 61 Main Street to characterize soil and groundwater quality at the site. The site assessments identified elevated levels of several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface and subsurface fill material at concentrations exceeding the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) 2011 Table 3 Site Condition Standards for residential/parkland/institutional land use and coarse textured soil. In order to address the PAHs found in the soil at the site, the city’s Environmental Remediation Unit will be undertaking a remedial program that will involve removal of all exposed shallow soil to a depth of 30 cm across the site, and replacement with a non-woven geotextile layer and cap of clean soil/grass or playground sand. This project is being undertaken in conjunction with the addition of a new accessibility ramp at the facility that will be constructed during August and September 2014.

Q2 – What are PAHs?
A – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a group of more than 100 chemicals that are produced during the incomplete burning of fuels, garbage or other organic substances such as tobacco, plant material or charbroiled meats. PAHs are also contained in asphalt, crude oil, coal,
coal tar pitch, creosote and roofing tar, and are found throughout the environment in the air, water and soil. They can occur in the air, attached to dust particles, or as solids in soil or sediment.

Oblate Development Naming Contest now closed

The Oblate Development naming contest sponsored by the Regional Group of Companies is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. Please stay tuned for an announcement from the Regional Group soon!

Learn more about the argument for burying hydro wires on Main Street

Despite indications that the undergrounding of hydro wires during Main Street Renewal would have positive benefits, the City of Ottawa is proceeding with a detailed design based on removing the existing poles and installing overhead wiring on new poles. Read the OOECA Main Street Renewal working group’s brief to persuade the city to bury the hydro wires on at least one side of a three block stretch of Main Street, and the OOECA's recommendations as of June 16, 2014.

Reminder - Highway 417 closure this weekend to remove Lees Avenue bridge

The existing Lees Avenue bridge over 417 will be removed this weekend. To safely remove the bridge, Highway 417 will be closed in both directions, starting 6 p.m., Saturday, June 21 until 11:00 a.m., Sunday, June 22 at which time a single lane of traffic will be reinstated in both directions. All lanes on Highway 417, in both directions, will be reopened by Monday, June 23, at 5 a.m.

During the full closure of Highway 417, traffic will be detoured as follows:

Public Art on Main Street - attend open house on June 25 and vote on the finalists

The City of Ottawa has chosen five finalists for the public art on Main Street proposal. You can view the finalists on the city's website here.


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