Main Street Construction Newsletter #15

City staff have published their latest newsletter with updates on the Main Street construction. The newsletter is available in English and French, and has a corresponding construction map. The newsletter is posted on our Main Street page, along with other background information on the construction.

OOECA Annual General Meeting on November 10

The OOECA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday, November 10, at 7:00 pm at the Church of the Ascension, 253 Echo Drive. All residents are welcome to attend. You can read this presentation for an overview.

Lessons Learned - Reflections on Four Years as OOECA President

OOE volunteers - and OOECA Board members - have remarkable competence, energy, dedication and collaborativeness. They participate to build our whole community, not to have “power,” advance their personal agendas or their own backyard issues. For example, all four past presidents of OOECA - including one who now lives in Sweden - continue to actively contribute to community initiatives.

Partial Closure of Lees Transit Station in December

The Lees Transitway station will be partially closed in December to accommodate LRT construction. City staff presented details on the bus route adjustments at a recent community meeting. Read the presentation for details. As part of this work, a new turnaround location for the #85 bus is required, and several options were presented. The current plan is to use the Lees campus parking lot turnaround (Option 1).

Accessibility ramp outside Old Town Hall to be completed December 2015

The ramp currently under construction outside Old Town Hall is scheduled to be completed the second week of December 2015. The ramp will help to ensure that Old Town Hall is more accessible.


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