Rideau Canal Access Thank You Letter

Phyllis Odenbach Sutton and Christine McAllister, presidents of the Old Ottawa East and Glebe community associations respectively, sent this thank you letter to Minister McKenna and Minister Joly for their role in creating safe access points for canoes and kayaks on the Rideau Canal.

Rideau River Western Pathway Update: June 2016

The City of Ottawa has posted a notice to residents with an update on progress of the Rideau River Western Pathway. You can read the update in English / en

Clegg-Fifth Footbridge Update from Councillor Chernushenko’s Office

Ian Grabina of Councillor Chernushenko’s office has informed OOECA of recent progress on the canal footbridge, including the highlights that the construction could begin as early as Fall 2017 and some of the changes suggested by the association and others after the February information session either have or may be reflected in the revised design. Specifically:

  • The City has continued to work through the preliminary design for the new Rideau Canal Crossing.
  • Comments from the open house and federal partners are being considered and incorporated into the design wherever possible. This includes:
    • Smoothing the slopes on the west (Glebe) side
    • Additional measures to beautify and restore the Lilly Pond on the Glebe side
    • A larger rest and viewing area at the west side
    • Preserving the oak tree and enhancing the public space with a plaza at the east landing (OOE)
  • Work is continuing on options for shared space for pedestrians and cyclists on the bridge, including the potential to widen the bridge.
  • Through the preliminary design work, City staff have now determined that construction of the bridge could begin as early as late Fall 2017, after the Canal has been drained, should funding from other levels of government become available.
  • In addition, geo-technical field investigations and analysis for the foundations have been completed.

Upcoming activities:

  • Preliminary design is anticipated to be complete in mid-2016.
  • In June, some small pits will be dug on both the east and west side of the Rideau Canal (at Fifth and at Clegg) as part of the archaeological assessment of the area. This is being coordinated with the NCC.
  • The City continues to consult with the NCC and Parks Canada on the bridge design modifications, protection of the Canal during construction and the overall restoration of the area.
  • Once preliminary design is complete, further updates will be provided to the community.

Design plan for multi-use pathway through Brantwood Park and along Rideau River

The City of Ottawa is undertaking a design plan for a new multi-use pathway along the western shoreline of the Rideau River from Onslow through Brantwood Park to the existing pathway that ends at the University of Ottawa’s Lees Campus.

Full details of the proposal and a section by section view of how this pathway will make its way through the Old Ottawa East community can be found on the City of Ottawa's website.

The plan has changed in a number of key ways over previous proposals. In particular, the pathway will no longer go along Rideau Garden Drive and then through Brantwood Park beside the Rideau River. Instead, cyclists will be directed along Bullock, Elliot, and Onslow until they will be directed to the new pathway on the southern side of the Brantwood field house, which will link to the multi-use pathway that will be developed along the river portion of Greystone Village. The pathway surface will be asphalt and the path will be designed to allow for lighting, although whether lighting is actually installed will depend on a number of factors including city budgets.

Further discussion is planned between the City of Ottawa and community stakeholders before a final design plan is approved. For more information or to provide comments, please contact the city's project manager, Luc Frechette, at luc.frechette@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424, ext 15304, or contact the OECA at info@ottawaeast.ca

Celebrating Rideau Canal Access Points for Paddlers

OECA president Phyllis Odenbach-Sutton joined MP and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on the Rideau Canal to celebrate two new paddle access points. One will be located at Clegg Avenue (Colonel By Drive), the other at Patterson Creek (Queen Elizabeth Drive). The OECA has long supported better access to the Rideau Canal for all paddlers.
Canoe access point

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